Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo

Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo

Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo was established in 1992, and its products include sausages, frankfurters, meatballs, cold cuts, and other meat products made of local Finnish meat.


Over 87% adoption among employees

A modernized approach to communicating with employees in a way they are accustomed to.

Simplified onboarding for new employees and their managers. 







Company was looking to modernize their way of communicating to and with employees – away from outdated TVs and paper boards.

 Majority of employees didn’t have corporate emails. 



GuavaHR’s Internal Communication Platform has been introduced to all employees. Now, everyone can access information and stay updated anytime they need, using any device. With an 87% adoption rate, the company can be confident that their voice is truly being heard.

Additionally, Guava is accessible to employees with mobile number authentication, email is preferred, but is not necessary.

Before we started to use Guava we were using monitors and paper boards for all our internal communication. Today we have digitalized our entire internal communication and are using Guava as our communication platform.

Guava is now also part of our Onboarding process for new employees where they can find all the information they need to get up to speed fast with the new job. Most employees in our organization are using Guava on a daily basis and it has become an important part of our company now.

Matti Vaimala

Matti Vaimala

HR Manager


The GuavaHR IC solution has been successfully rolled out to all employees, spanning from office personnel to production and warehouse workers in multiple production sites. With an adoption rate exceeding 87%, the system ensures that everyone remains well-informed about the company’s latest developments.

Kivikylän also provides information streams for staying aligned with new projects and company initiatives, promoting focus both in terms of sharing and receiving information.

The Documents & Links section houses essential templates and shortcuts, facilitating quick access to vital information and saving time for all employees.