EU Whistleblowing directive compliance in 24 hours.

The EU whistleblowing directive is a set of laws enacted by the European Union to protect individuals who report breaches of EU law. This directive requires all EU member states to create internal reporting channels and establish mechanisms to ensure that whistleblowers are protected from retaliation.

The aim of the directive is to encourage people to come forward and report any wrongdoing they witness in the workplace, including fraud, corruption, and violations of environmental or public health and safety laws.

Overall, the EU whistleblowing directive is an essential step towards creating a culture of transparency and accountability within the European Union, which is crucial for ensuring the well-being of citizens and protecting their rights.


Under the directive, whistleblowers are allowed to remain anonymous throughout the reporting process, unless it is necessary to reveal their identity to ensure fair trials or protect the rights of the defense. Even in such cases, the identity of the whistleblower is protected as much as possible.

Step 1: Set up your Guava space for admins

Guava people will create workspace for you, we need your company logo and admin emails.

Step 2: Create your whistleblowing form

Create your public form for your webpage. Use multiple languages if needed.


Step 3: Use the form link in your web page

Use the link in your web page so everyone can have access if needed. Inform your people and you are good to go.