Porokylän Leipomo

Porokylän Leipomo

Welcome to Porokylä Bakery, where tradition meets innovation in every bite. At Porokylä, we are dedicated to creating artisan bread and pastries using time-honoured techniques and the finest local ingredients.


Over 92% adoption among employees.

An inclusive communication channel accessible to all, including non-native speakers and employees without corporate email accounts.

An effective digital learning tool designed for all employees, whether they’re in office settings or at production sites remote from HQ.









How to get information to all employees across five different sites in a way that is understood, considering not everyone has strong native language skills or a common language, and only a minority have work email addresses.

How to understand what employees think, want, and wish for.

Employees didn’t know each other, especially between different sites, making collaboration more difficult.



GuavaHR’s Internal Communication Platform with Auto-Translate Functionality has been introduced to all employees. With an impressive 92% adoption rate, every employee now has equal access to crucial information, instantly translatable to their preferred language.

Interactive features, including commentable and reactable information and discussion groups, promote a modern two-way interaction, helping everyone gain deeper insights into their company and colleagues.

Guava Digital Learning facilitates the rapid distribution of coursesand training, such as ethical guidelines and food safety knowledge.

“Now it is easier and faster for us to share diverse and deeper information with the entire staff. Although our working language is Finnish, the system allows me to easily accommodate non-Finnish speakers, whose thirst for knowledge is particularly strong.”

“We value giving everyone the chance to ask questions and share comments. It has already led to better collaboration and improved ways of working together.”

“Happy bakers are in the core of our strategy – Guava supports building of even better working environment.”

Laura Hyvärinen

Laura Hyvärinen

Communication and responsibility manager


The GuavaHR IC solution has been successfully rolled out to all employees, spanning from office to all scattered production sites. With an impressive adoption rate exceeding 92%, the system ensures that everyone remains well-informed about the company’s key information and latest developments.

User-friendly features such as reactions, comments, and a public feed facilitate the gathering of essential employee feedback for the company.

The Digital Learning module streamlines the deployment of training courses, such as “Ethical Guidelines,” to all employees, thereby reducing office expenses and freeing up managers’ time. Analytics from these courses aid in quickly pinpointing and addressing any deficiencies in the understanding, as well storing statistics of undergone trainings of personnel.

The Documents & Links section houses essential templates and shortcuts, facilitating quick access to vital information and saving time for all employees.