Via3L Lithuania

“It’s amazing how quickly employees can be introduced to what’s going on in the organization. Guava is one of the simplest software an organization can have for good communication, it’s easy to create news and write comments. People can choose how they want to use GuavaHR on their computers or phone”



Via 3L is a leading Baltic contract logistics, central warehousing, and international transportation service.


Before starting using GuavaHR all information was sent out to employees to their personal emails. There was also a billboard where there were occasional posters and messages but it was not a good solution. Employees were constantly looking for information in different places. We wanted to have one communication channel for our entire team. This was necessary because not all employees in our company use email. Only 30% of our employees work with a computer, so we had some communication problems. At first, we created a group on Facebook. It wasn’t a bad idea, but we saw that only 50% of colleagues have Facebook. Better than nothing, but that wasn’t enough for us.


Via 3L Lithuania joined Guava in September 2020, after a successful implementation of the Estonian branch in autumn 2019. Within 4 weeks, more than 80% of all their employees had started to use Guava. This was done with the support of GuavaHR’s online support and onboarding process, and the dedicated work of the Via 3L HR department.

Most importantly, Via3L did a lot of homework before the onboarding to make sure everyone felt like a team and they encouraged all the employees to be open. They repeated that Guava is the place to post good and bad news, ideas, and that made our activity very high.

We wanted a communication channel to reach all the employees at once, and GuavaHR was the perfect solution. Now we have been using GuavaHR for 2 years and all of our communication is concentrated in one place. We have the possibility to check which information has reached which employee and that is really good. GuavaHR is amazing for the new employees because they instantly know where to find all the info they need for work and find all the documents they need.

The active participation and support from the CEO played a valuable part in adopting this new technology. The CEO is one of Guava’s most active members and a strong supporter of various HR initiatives. He updates the employees on important information and the situation in the company, openly shares all the quarterly results, incomes, or losses. The CEO is the one who promotes openness and trust among employees, so GuavaHR really helps him with that.

Compared to the previous solutions Via 3L had tried, they believe GuavaHR was the best idea for them and their warehouse team especially. All of our team members can install the app on their phones, and they all know what’s going on in the company. We currently have about 90% of our colleagues on GuavaHR and now we are using Guava for all types of communications that is important, from birthday greetings to videos about the quarterly results.

Both Eva Marševskaning Rūta Kovalioviene say that GuavaHR is definitely a tool worth trying. “If you have a lot of employees that are quite difficult to reach; if communication within the company does not work as good as you would like; if you want to involve all employees in your problem solving and increase their involvement and motivation – GuavaHR is definitely a tool worth your attention.”


of the Employees currently using Guava


Works in front of a computer


Employees using Guava 4 weeks after implementation

“We currently have about 90% of our colleagues on GuavaHR. Thanks to Guava, employees now know more about what is going on in the company and are involved in the changes themselves. Our CEO is the one who promotes openness and trust among employees, so GuavaHR really helps him with that.”

Eva Marševska

HR Manager , VIA 3L Lithuania (Via 3L group)

“Guava is a platform for us where all employees of the company are able to communicate and see and participate in the changes and the company‘s growth. We think that Guava is an expression of togetherness.”

Rūta Kovaliovienė

Head Of Human Resources at UAB , Via 3L Lithuania