Capterra Awards GuavaHR with “Best Ease of Use” Badge

We are honored and super thrilled to share some good news! Capterra, the web’s leading free resource for business software help, has awarded GuavaHR the “Best Ease of Use” badge. Based on verified customer reviews on their platform, our outstanding score of 4.9 (of 5.0) has brought us this exciting recognition.

What’s Capterra?

Capterra is a website that provides software reviews and comparisons to help businesses find the right software solution for their needs.

Capterra has over 1 million reviews of software products across hundreds of categories. The website is a valuable resource for businesses looking for software solutions, as it provides a wealth of information and insights from real users about the products and services available on the market.

The number of reviews on Capterra is constantly growing as more and more users contribute their experiences and opinions about the software they use. The platform allows software vendors to engage with their customers and respond to their feedback, making it a dynamic and evolving resource for businesses.

What’s the “Best Ease of Use” badge about?

The “Best Ease of Use” award is a recognition given by Capterra to software products that have received high ratings and positive reviews from users for their ease of use. The award is intended to highlight software products that are user-friendly and intuitive, and that can be effectively adopted and utilized by businesses without extensive training or support.

Software products that receive the “Best Ease of Use” award are considered to be among the best in their category in terms of usability and user experience.

What are the highlights of GuavaHR for our customers?

The four main benefits regarding ease of use that stand out from our customers’ reviews are great customer support, easy to use for all skill-levels, smooth implementation as well as constant improvement.

“Customer rep is proactively proposing tips to improve the use of the software (e.g. how to increase user engagement on the platform).”

– Erkki V., Head of Community

What customers really seem to love about GuavaHR is what we have put most of our effort in: that’s our customer success management. Perfect implementation, a hands-on approach to onboarding as well as regular check-ins are included in the price, so to say. We use our own data insights to predict possible downtimes during the onboarding process and avoid the pitfalls of the first months by staying constantly in touch with our administrators.

“GuavaHR is very easy to use for both administrators and regular users.”

– Marion L., Communications Specialist

As this is a significant achievement for us, we are thankful to be able to spread our solution to HR workers and communication specialists worldwide. We strive to continually improve our product and introduce new features to address the most common challenges faced by HRMs and communications specialists in SMEs: huge taskloads, one-way communication, small budgets, and varied IT skills. The ease of the end-user drives everything we do.

“They are always improving GuavaHR!”

– Eneli L, Human Resource Manager

We surely won’t forget about innovation! GuavaHR is committed to the cause of digitalizing the industries that still use notice boards and leaflets as their primary way of communication. Furthermore, we constantly introduce new add-ons to our targeted communications, so that employees find more and more crucial features while consuming their habitual work-related updates.

“Guava’s customer support is top-notch – professional, fast, and friendly.”

Lisanna E, Recruitment Project Coordinator

Our clients’ fantastic feedback and testimonials demonstrate the trust and rapport we have established with our customer base over the last 5 years. This further implies that our support processes are user-friendly. We are quick, available, and proactive. All the reviews can be viewed directly on our Capterra profile page.

About GuavaHR

GuavaHR is an easy-to-use employee app that connects you to all your employees via targeted communication to create a good relationship and develop the habits necessary for digitalization. 

Once you have established great communications, you will be ready to add other HR functions and your inhouse tools with much higher reach and improved efficiency. GuavaHR is modular, so you only pay for what adds value. Book your free demo here.