An engaged and satisfied employee is 17% more productive and 24% more loyal, studies show.

GuavaHR is an internal communication and engagement tool for companies where frontline workers make up a substantial part of the workforce.

GuavaHR Application

No officefrontlineremote worker left behind

GuavaHR combines social and organisational information feeds and spices them up with employee engagement drivers to create one engaging communication channel for the whole company. We allow our users to measure employee engagement, compare it with others in the country or industry and learn from the best. Our focus is on the needs of the industries with variability in the workforce: multilingual age-diverse teams in various locations, including employees who lack IT-skills.

We engage your employees and bring them closer to the company.

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Modern communication platform that allows everyone in the company to send and receive information

  • Channels for primary and secondary information shared by both the management and the employees 
  • Newsfeed to gather an overview of all company-related information relevant to the user 
  • Urgent/important information delivered to computer, smartphone and cell phone users 
  • Use of filters to reduce noise and target each message 
  • Multilingual communication enabled and simplified 
  • Anonymous feedback from employee to employer 
GuavaHR application screenshot
GuavaHR application screenshot


Easy recognition and involvement independent from geographic locations or used devices

  • A single platform over devices and occupations 
  • Recognition of employees and teams to raise motivation 
  • Subcultures to engage people with common tasks or interests 
  • Innovative engagement statistics per department, company and country 
  • Successful team event management and planning Coming

Health and Wellness

A modern company supports its employees' physical and mental health

  • Weekly boosts to support the development of habits 
  • Short practical articles to educate and raise employee awareness 
  • Challenges to fulfill mental and physical goals 
  • Consultations with health specialists to prevent and discuss problems Coming
GuavaHR application screenshot


1–50 users
51–100 users
101–250 users
251–500 users
501–1000 users


Billed yearly. Add 20% for monthly billing. VAT added if applicable.

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About us

Before creating GuavaHR, our team was busy developing a sports benefits management platform for companies. This process made us all understand the immense importance of physical activity. However, we also found physical activity to be just one of many variables in the formula for a satisfied and productive employee. Family, health and relationships with colleagues, for example, also matter. Inspired by what we saw, our team created a tool called GuavaHR. This is a company where we feel satisfied ourselves, and where we help other companies to feel the same.

Head of Physical Health
Head of Mental Health
According to research, 11% of all British workers feel engaged.
Engage the remaining 89%, too!