Since we started using Guava we know what kind of information matters to our people.
No one is flooded with information they aren’t interested in, and at the same time we know that our official and important news are clearly visible and easily accessible for everyone.

More than 170 people, in addition to which another 260 couriers travel around Estonia.


DPD Estonia is part of the international company DPD group, which in turn is part of the French group La Poste. DPD transport goods to 230 countries.


Our couriers work through subcontractors and communicating with them in the past was filled with challenges. Before we were using Guava, we had limited options of contacting them and it was only one-sided: from DPD to them and on a very individual basis. There was no dialogue or sense of community.


Since we started using Guava we can send information to everyone, we can share success stories, inform them of news and updates and get their feedback as well. We are very happy with Guava. It is very convenient for us to send messages to all the couriers when we need to inform them about something, share good news and achievements, invite them to participate in events, and get their feedback. We find the Guava environment extremely useful.

We are building a community for couriers, where they can get all of the information, relevant to their work, in one place, but also where we can forward the recognition and thanks from the customers; share news and happenings from the DPD’s side and have a platform for couriers to be more proactive, share their stories, successes and give their feedback to DPD.

Praise from our customers or colleagues now also has a place thanks to Guava. There is a completely separate channel called “Thanks” in Guava for this and we use it a lot! The praise and thanks from the management also reach the couriers. The praise now has a much larger voice and a bigger audience thanks to  Guava.

“Our people have been definitely more connected to the company since we started using Guava’s intranet. Employees from different departments have started to share their own ideas, news and achievements; the people who used to have no time for emails are now in the loop, and employees no longer miss any of the important information. As a company, we now know what information matters to our people: no one’s flooded with the information that they aren’t interested in, whereas our official and important news are clearly visible and easily accessible.”

Annika Oruaas

HR and CSR Manager , DPD Estonia